dinsdag 18 september 2012

I'm proud to be...

So I live in Belgium, and my father was born here, but not my mother.. My father met my mother when he was on a trip for his photography. They met each other there and after a few months they got married! But which country is my mother from? Maybe you'll know when you see the Zentangle below, if you know from what country that flag is... ;) Well I'll tell you, it's Thailand, and I'm proud to be half Thai half Belgium, I really am!

Because I liked W2 so much I decided to use it again, but I wanted to try and combine it with it's own variant Huggins, I struggled with them in the beginning but after a few attempts I got it! Hope you like it :D
Tangles used: W2, Huggins

P.S. the pink should be red... Scanners..

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